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So today is a good day. I listened to I Should Be Writing (I'm still catching up on the pod casts) and got some work taken care of for the Creative Writing class I'll be doing.

I did the work out thing this morning. Woot! Two days in a row. I've also stuck to my diet. So yay to that as well.

I still have homework to do. I went grocery shopping yesterday and it took much longer than I expected so I have to catch up, though today is a late day as well. A meeting at work went over.

I had this wonderful idea today of recording my notes on my book and listening to them at work on my iphone. Since I promised my good friend that I would take a week break after the end of my semester so I won't burn out before starting work on my novel, I thought of what I could do to help immerse myself back in the book. So I decided to download an app for my ipod to turn it into a recorder so that I can that. Hopefully it'll work out as plan, so when I go to my book I'll be in the right mindset.

As an aside I sent a story out a few days ago. If it sells, t'll be a reprint sell since it has been published before. I'm looking forward to it, though it made me very aware that I need to really start writing new stuff that isn't work for my MFA program. I'm craving to write something creative, but I've been putting myself on hold to do MFA work. It's sort of funny that I'm working towards an MFA in creative writing and am complaining about the lack of doing creative writing.

I'll get into that next time.

On a side note, I love british accents!


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