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Title: A Sweet Courtship Chp. 1
Author: nyghtrain
Pairing: Sanzo/Hakkai
Fandom: Saiyuki
Theme: #1. Look over here
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Saiyuki and its characters do not belong to me, but are owned by Kazuya Minekua and her publishers. I'm just playing in their world.
Notes: I do not have a beta so sorry for all mistakes made. This was written for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses

By the time they arrived in town it was past midnight. They were exhausted, dirty, and tempers were short. After enduring an almost endless stream of attack and then being forced to walk when the road turned into an impossible swampland, the lights from the town had been like water in an oasis. Pushing into the inn, the innkeeper, an elderly woman, looked surprised to see them and took one look at them and went straight to the room keys.

"Four, I take it," she asked.

Sanzo grunted and went for the gold card. She waved him off, giving them all a long and pitying look. "I'll handle it in the morning."

Sanzo frowned as if he wasn't sure whether he trusted her words.

Hakkai ignored this and took the keys. He gave the innkeeper a grateful smile. "Thank you."

She smiled and pointed to the stairs. "Your rooms are on the second floor."

Hakkai nodded and handed out the keys and the ikkou dragged themselves up the stairs. Goku leaned close to Sanzo, his head almost resting against his arm.

"Sanzo, I'm hungry."

"Shut up," Sanzo growled out and it was a testament to how tired Sanzo was that he didn't swat Goku away, merely shoved forward until he reached his room. Without another word the monk opened his door and then firmly shut it behind him.

"Night to you too Cherry-chan!" Gojyo shouted and shook his head. "Dick."

Hakkai simply stared at Sanzo's door before turning away with a sigh. Then jumped when he felt an arm go around his shoulder.

Gojyo looked at him with concern. "You okay 'Kai?"

Hakkai smiled and nodded. "Of course, just a little tired."

Gojyo searched his face and then nodded. "All right, then get some sleep. I'll handle the monkey."

"I'm not a monkey, you..." His words trailed off into snores.

Hakkai stifled a laugh at the sight of Goku asleep against the wall, his body constantly sliding lower. Gojyo walked over and slapped Goku against the back of his head. "You can't sleep in the hall idiot."

Goku's eyes blinked open. "Sanzo," he muttered and then focused on Gojyo. "Oh, it's just you."

Hakkai felt his smile grow a little more strained. No one seemed to notice.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Gojyo asked and began dragging Goku doing the hall.

"Good night Gojyo, Goku," Hakkai called after them.

Gojyo winked at him while Goku muttered something about perverted water sprites. Hakkai turned and went into his room, locking the door behind him. As soon as the door shut, his tired smile dropped. He rubbed his forehead. What was wrong with him? For some reason he found himself growing irritated about little things, simple everyday things that had never bothered him before and most of it seemed to surround Goku and Sanzo.

At first he figured it was the enclosed space and lack of sleep that was the cause. The only reason Gojyo probably didn't irritate him was because he had lived with him and so had grown used to his habits. Yet, he never felt this way before. It had only grown this bad in the past months after they found Sanzo during their fight against the black Sanzo. So what had triggered it? He wasn't sure and he was too tired to think about it.

He glanced around the room and let out a small sound of pleasure when he spotted the extra room. Hoping his assumption was correct; he first went to the window and opened it. A few seconds later, Hakuryuu flew in and alighted on his shoulder. Jeep 'ku'ed in his ear. Hakkai smiled and scratched under his chin.

"Sorry for the wait, my friend," he nodded at the door. "Shall we investigate?"

A soft ku and a flap of wings was Hakkai's answer. Hakkai walked to the door and opened it.

A happy sigh passed his lips when he saw the shower. The further west they went the more inns had rooms with individual showers. Though Hakkai preferred the open space of the communal baths, the closet like showers were a blessing when they came in late at night. He turned on the water and immediately began stripping, putting his clothes neatly aside. Hakuryuu flew to the edge of the sink and waited.

It didn't take Hakkai long and soon he stepped underneath the warm spray with a soft groan of pleasure. The feel of the dirt and grime being washed away felt like a true weight had been lifted off of him. He turned to Hakuryuu and he flew into the shower, joining Hakkai. Hakuryuu alighted on Hakkai's shoulder, spreading one wing and then the other. Hakkai watched him in amusement as he cooed and enjoyed the water.  Then leaned deeper into the water, pressing his head against the shower wall. The harsh beat of the water against his skin thumped down Hakkai's back like a massage. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation and imagined hands running down his back.

Callous fingers stroked down his back, moving lower and lower until they palmed his ass. A rough voice whispered in his ear. "Like that?"

Oh, yes, he did. So much, but he couldn't speak. His voice was too clogged with want and instead a soft whimper fell from his lips. He turned and caught a flash of gold hair...

Hakkai's eyes snapped open. He blinked a couple of times. The water was no longer warm, but quickly turning cold. He sat up and firmly locked the images from his dream away. Hakuryuu had already left the shower while Hakkai dozed. Hakkai turned off the water and went into the bedroom. Hakuryuu was already asleep on the extra pillow. Hakkai pulled on his nightclothes and then sat on the edge of the bed, gently stroking Jeep's flank. The soft puff of pleasure came from the dragon and it leaned into the touch. Hakkai smiled and then stifled a yawn. He still needed to wash his clothes.

Yes, he would do that in a minute. Just... one... moment...

Before he knew it he was fast asleep and if he dreamed of running his hand through gold threads and looking into eyes as deep as amethyst, he made sure to forget it in the morning.


He was, of course, the first one up. He considered waking the others in order to collect their dirty clothes, but decided that they could all use the extra sleep. Instead he took a tally of their supplies and tried to think of how to get Sanzo to agree to let them stay long enough for Hakkai to do laundry and a bit of shopping. After deciding his course, he went downstairs, took one look at the coffee and politely talked one of the waitresses into borrowing the kitchen to make coffee and tea.

He set the coffee to brewing and stepped out of the kitchen when he spotted a small vendor come inside the inn. The vendor waved at the innkeeper and then began setting up a small but brightly colored stand. Curious, Hakkai walked over to see his goods.

The man grinned when he saw Hakkai near. "Ah, here for the festival, are you? Then I have the perfect thing for you." He placed a small tray of small chocolate cones in front of him. "I call them kisses."


The vendor nodded. "Nothing says I love you as much as a kiss. If you can't do it with lips, why not with chocolate."

"That's an interesting way of looking at it."

"Go ahead and try one. Believe me, they're delicious."

Hakkai hesitated and then picked one from the tray and placed it in his mouth. The chocolate was sweet with just a hint of bitterness as if the man tried to embed the chocolate with the flavor of love.

"So how many do you want?"

Hakkai was going to say he didn't need any, but he could still taste it and before he knew it he had agreed to buy a small bag. The man handed him a premade bag, with the chocolates wrapped in silver foil. "Enjoy!"

Hakkai turned in time to see Sanzo coming towards him with a scowl on his face. He looked at Hakkai, the chocolate, and then the stand.

"Coffee," he barked out and sat down at an empty table.

Hakkai felt a tiny blush start to rise on his cheeks, but dismissed it. There was nothing wrong with buying a bit of chocolate. It would make for a good treat for everyone on the road. Carefully tucking the chocolate away, Hakkai went back to the kitchen and fetched Sanzo's coffee and made himself a cup of tea.

When he returned, he saw Goku had arrived and was already waving to a waitress while Sanzo looked on with annoyance and a hint of amusement. Hakkai felt his smile grow strained once more. He walked over and placed the coffee in front of Sanzo. Sanzo stared at the coffee and raised an eyebrow.

"The inn was quite accommodating when I asked to make it myself," Hakkai said, as he sat down and began sipping his tea.

Sanzo lifted the mug and took a drink and then grunted, which was in Sanzo talk a compliment. Hakkai smiled to himself and continued sipping his tea. By this time, Goku had managed to get the waitresses attention and was ordering a list of foods that seemed like he was in no hurry to end. Sanzo was gritting his teeth harder with each addition. In a flash of white, the harisen was slammed into Goku's head.

"Baka! Are you planning to order the whole menu?"

"But Sanzo, I'm so hungry and I didn't get to eat last night."

"Quit your whining, you stupid monkey," Sanzo gritted out.

This just seemed to fuel Goku's whining.

Hakkai watched it unfold with a mixture of amusement and that itching irritation from before. What was it? The more he watched them the more the irritation grew and he could feel a thought whispering repeatedly in his head.

Look over here. Look over here. Look over here.

Sanzo turned and looked directly into Hakkai's eyes. The words stuttered to a halt. Hakkai blinked, taken off-guard.

"Hakkai, how soon can we get on the road?" Sanzo asked.

Hakkai was a little taken aback, both from Sanzo's sudden attention and the question. "I was thinking I could do a bit of laundry and some shopping."

"Thought as much," Sanzo took out the gold card. "Take care of the inn bill while you're at it and pick me up some smokes. I'm starting to get low."

"Oh, there's no need to pay the inn bill," the waitress piped in. "The innkeeper said to just add a tab for you all until after the festival."

"Festival?" Goku asked excitedly.

Right at that moment, Gojyo strode into the room and plopped down in a chair. "We're staying for a festival? Looks like the monk is finally learning to relax that tight ass of his."

Sanzo glared at Gojyo and then at the waitress. "We're not staying for any festival."

The waitress stepped back and looked at them in confusion.

Hakkai quickly stepped in. "What he means is that we're only passing through."

The waitress face scrunched up in distress. "B-but you can't."

"What the hell does that mean?" Sanzo growled out.

The waitress cringed. "The bridge out of town is closed off so the vendors can use it. No one can pass through until after the festival ends." The waitress must have noticed the growing tension, because she quickly added, "But the festival only lasts until tomorrow evening."

Sanzo looked like he was about to blow up at the waitress, so Hakkai gently thanked her and she scurried off. He turned to Sanzo.

"I'll check if there's another route. At worst we'll only be here for an extra day or two. It'll give me a chance to get supplies and do a few chores."

Hakkai's words seemed to ease Sanzo a little, but the tension was still radiating off him. Every delay brought that out in Sanzo, especially one where he was practically trapped. Finally, Sanzo nodded.

"Take the monkey with you."

"That's not necessary," Hakkai said.

The table grew quiet. Hakkai realized that maybe he had spoke too quickly. "I'm sure Goku and Gojyo want to check out the festivities. I can handle the shopping on my own. It's not that much."

"Oh, can I Sanzo?" Goku asked, excited.

Sanzo looked at Hakkai then at Goku. "Whatever. Do what you want. Just don't get in my way."

Goku let out a yelp of excitement and then started to ramble off all the food he planned on trying. Right then, the waitress came with breakfast and everyone once again fell into their normal routine. Hakkai sipped at his tea and ate little. As they finished up, Hakkai hurried up and left the table, making his excuses.

He had just grabbed the laundry from Sanzo and Goku's rooms and was getting Gojyo's when he felt a familiar presence behind him.

"Ah, Gojyo. You need anything while I'm out," Hakkai said, not turning around

"I could always use smokes," Gojyo said.

"Of course," Hakkai said and clutched the clothes to him and turned, trying to walk pass him.

Gojyo grabbed his arm. "You okay Hakkai?"

"Yes, Gojyo. Why wouldn't I be?" Hakkai said, not meeting his eyes.

Gojyo held on to him for a moment and then let go. "If you say so, but might want to be careful. The chibi is more sensitive than he looks."

Hakkai didn't answer. He walked away, but he could feel Gojyo's eyes on him until he disappeared down the stairs.

(Onward to Chapter 2... )

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