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Title: A Sweet Courtship Chp. 5
Author: nyghtrain
Pairing: Sanzo/Hakkai
Fandom: Saiyuki
Theme: #5. "ano sa" ("hey, you know...")
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Saiyuki and its characters do not belong to me, but are owned by Kazuya Minekua and her publishers. I'm just playing in their world.
Notes: Thanks everyone for sticking with the story. I always smile every time I get a comment. Thank you! It will take me a bit longer to get the next chapter out since I will be going out of town for a bit. So please be patient with me. :) I'll have the next chapter out as soon as I can promise! My beta is the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] seshats_prodigy . <3 All mistakes are mine.

This was written for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses .

What. The. Hell?

He looked down at the man collapsed in his arms. The naked man who had just kissed him. He narrowed his eyes, taking in the scene -- the dead youkai on the ground, the chains, the stone table, and the pile of bones in the corner. Sanzo could pretty much guess that the bones would all be male. It looked like the idiot had gotten himself taken in by some damn succubus. A twinge of something -- definitely not worry, maybe irritation -- slid through Sanzo. What had the succubus managed to do to Hakkai before he'd gotten free?

"Sanzo! Sanzo!" Goku's shout interrupted his thoughts. "Sanzo! Oww, what'd you do that for?"

"Would you shut the hell up, or do you want the youkai to know we're coming? Stupid monkey!"

"I'm not stupid, you perverted cockroach! You're as loud as me!"

"No one can be as loud as you, you damn monkey."

"Stop calling me a monkey!"

"Monkey, chimp, gorilla!"

"Pervert, cockroach, kappa!"

Sanzo gritted his teeth and turned, dragging Hakkai's unconscious body with him. Pointing his gun, toward the cave entrance, he waited. The voices got closer and as soon as he saw the flash of gold and two red antennas, he fired. "Why don't you both shut the hell up! The whole swamp can hear you!"

"What the fuck, you damn monk! You could have..." Gojyo's voice trailed off as he took in the sight of Sanzo holding up Hakkai. He could tell by Gojyo's expression that the idiot was already jumping to conclusions.

"Hey Sanzo, why's Hakkai naked?" Goku asked, his face scrunched up in confusion.

"Idiot! Go get his clothes instead of standing there gawking."

"I was just asking," Goku mumbled and walked past him.

"Where is she? Where's the youkai?" Gojyo asked, his voice strained with anger.

"She's dead," Sanzo said, meeting the cockroach's eyes. He noticed that despite the rage on Gojyo's face, his eyes held a hint of guilt. Damn, he didn't need this crap. "Hakkai killed her."

Gojyo hesitated and then took a step closer to Sanzo. "Is he...? Did she-"

"He's fine," Sanzo said sharply, cutting him off. "Don't ask me stupid questions and figure it out for yourself."

Gojyo's eyes roamed over Hakkai's naked form. Sanzo narrowed his eyes. Had the pervert's gaze lingered? The kappa finally looked away, his shoulders sagging in relief. There was still the guilt on his face, but it wasn't as close to the surface as it had been before. Hakkai only had bruises on his wrists and ankles and no extra fluids on him to indicate anything else had happened. Of course, that only meant that no obvious physical damage had been caused.

The kiss. Had the youkai caused that reaction or had it been some weird thing with Hakkai's demon form? Hakkai started to slip from his grip and Sanzo realized that he had begun to raise his hand to touch his lips. He swiftly dropped his hand, pulling Hakkai up.

"I'll carry him, Sanzo. Wouldn't want your holiness to strain anything," Gojyo said mockingly, but Sanzo knew the kappa was offering more because he felt he needed to do something.

Gojyo walked over to take Hakkai and Sanzo subconsciously took a step back. A flash of confusion passed across Gojyo's face. Sanzo blinked and then shoved Hakkai towards Gojyo. "Whatever." He walked out of the cave, but he could hear the two morons behind him.

"Wow, she's got green arms. Looks kinda gross," Goku said.

"Would you stop staring and bring his clothes here," Gojyo said irritably. "I don't plan on having him flash the whole town."

Sanzo ignored them and pulled out a cigarette. Hakuryuu was waiting outside and when he saw Sanzo, he shot past Sanzo and into the cave, obviously in a rush to see his master. That was just fine with Sanzo. He preferred to enjoy his cig in private. He lit up and took a long drag and tried not to think about the kiss and why the hell he hadn't pulled the trigger when Hakkai had rushed him. He wasn't a fool. In that moment of hesitation, Hakkai could have strangled him with his vines. So why had he hesitated? He scowled and took another long drag on his smoke. He wasn't going to think about it, and he certainly wasn't going to think about why he'd almost shot the damn kappa when he'd tried to take Hakkai away from him.

"Shit," Sanzo dropped his cigarette and grounded it out. "Come on you two idiots and bring the baggage with you. We've wasted enough time."

After much grumbling and a few gunshots later, they were driving out of town. Sanzo had refused to stay another moment in that place. Surprisingly, the other two didn't put up much of a protest. He glanced at Goku. The monkey was strangely quiet, only stating he was hungry a few times. Sanzo glanced at him and then he looked at Hakkai. He still hadn't woken up and he knew the other two were worried. Sanzo turned back to the front seat.

"Shit, I can't see a damn thing," Gojyo said, running one hand through his hair in frustration.

"Don't get us killed with your shitty driving," Sanzo said, shifting in his seat and pulling back the urge to turn around.

"Screw you," Gojyo said as the jeep jerked over another bump.

"You really are useless," Sanzo said as he lit up.

"Fuck you. I don't see you getting off your holy ass and doing anything," Gojyo said with a glare.

"Really? I think I had things well taken care of before you and the monkey showed up," Sanzo said with a smirk.

"What the hell does that mean?" Gojyo shouted.

"Yeah, Sanzo," Goku said, piping in. "If that creepy lady hadn't stuck us in those dream worlds we would have been there sooner."

"Not my fault if you two are too dumb to tell the difference between reality and an illusion."

"What are you trying to get at, you dumbass monk?" Gojyo asked, his voice growing louder in anger.

Sanzo was a second from pulling out his gun when a scolding, but tired voice came from he backseat. "Now, now, it's not polite to shout when a patient is trying to rest."

"When did you become a patient?" Sanzo asked with a sneer, not bothering to look back.

At the same time Gojyo whipped his head around, relief apparent on his face. "Hakkai!"

The jeep swerved dangerously.

Sanzo whipped out his fan and slammed it against Gojyo's head. "Watch the road!"

"Hey! I got it!" Gojyo said, turning back to face the road and straightening out.

"Ha, ha, perhaps it might be a good idea to stop for the night, before we crash into something," Hakkai said.

"Don't tell me you don't trust my driving either, Hakkai," Gojyo said.

Sanzo snorted and leaned back in his seat.

"It's not that, Gojyo, but it's very dark and we've all had a long day. Don't you agree, Sanzo?"

Sanzo finished up his cigarette and flicked away the stub. "Che, if it'll keep the damn cockroach from killing us."

Before Gojyo could retort, Hakkai clapped his hands together and even though Sanzo hadn't turned to look at Hakkai, he could imagine that fake smile curling his lips. "Wonderful. If you can turn right up here, Gojyo, I think there is a nice clearing we can rest at."

"How the hell did you even see that?" Gojyo asked as he followed Hakkai's directions.

"Huh? I can see it too. Something wrong with you eyes?" Goku asked, leaning forward.

"Something wrong with your brain?" Gojyo retorted as he parked the jeep.

"Hey! Take that back!" Goku shouted and reached over, the headrest, trying to get to Gojyo.

Sanzo's seat was jerked from the tussle and he immediately smacked both of them with the fan. "Both of you shut the hell up!"

"Hey! What'd you do that for?" Gojyo asked, glaring at him.

"Oww, why do you have to hit so hard?" Goku asked and Sanzo could hear the pout in his voice.

"Well then, I think it's too dark to make a proper camp, so we should probably sleep in the jeep." Hakkai gently patted the side of jeep. "I hope that isn't asking too much, my friend."

A soft ku answered him back. Sanzo grunted and then turned to Gojyo. "Get out."

"What?" Gojyo asked.

"You heard me. I don't need you groping my ass while I sleep."

"Sorry princess, but you're not my type. I like them with a lot more curves." Still, Gojyo climbed out of the front seat and traded places with Hakkai.

As soon as the healer was back in the front seat, a tension that Sanzo didn't even know he'd been holding faded away. Just Hakkai's presence seemed to calm him. He frowned. Calming? When had the demon become a calming presence? He stuffed that thought away and buried himself deeper into his seat.

"Hey Sanzo, I'm hungry."

"Didn't I tell you to shut the hell up?" Sanzo barked.

"I believe there are some left over meat buns in one of the bags, Goku," Hakkai said.

There was rustling in the back and then a mumbled 'thanks Hakkai.' It was only a few seconds before the two idiots started arguing, first about food and then shoving each other for more room. Sanzo reached up and whacked them with the fan a few times before they finally settled down. Despite their antics, there was an almost subdued air about them all. After a few moments, Goku's snores filled the air. Sanzo closed his eyes having every intention of waiting until the cockroach had fallen asleep and then having a talk with Hakkai, but before he knew it, he had drifted off.

He woke up to soft whispers and warmth.

"Really Gojyo, I'm all right," Hakkai said. "It's not your fault."

"But I pushed you to go with that chick," Gojyo said.

"None of us knew what she was, and more than likely she would have come up with another way to kidnap me. From what I gathered, she is most determined when she sets her sights on someone."

"But you're sure you're all right."

"Yes Gojyo. I'm actually more concerned about you and Goku. Didn't he mention something about you two being stuck in a dream world?"

"Ah, so you heard that," Gojyo said and Sanzo could hear him shifting in the back. "It was nothing."

"I seriously doubt it was nothing," Hakkai said, his voice cold. "I saw what she could do."

"Ah shit, she... fuck, that's messed up Hakkai."

"It's fine. After all, I rewarded her for her trouble," Hakkai said and Sanzo could almost see the creepy smile on his lips.

Gojyo laughed nervously. "I guess so."

They were both silent for a while and Sanzo found himself starting to drift back to sleep.

"It wasn't a big deal. They were just memories. I'm long over that shit," Gojyo said, his voice filled with fake bravado.

"Then you are much stronger than I am," Hakkai whispered, right before Sanzo fell asleep once more.

When Sanzo woke up again it was still night. It had been a dream that had woken him, one filled with vines. They had surrounded him as they'd slid over his body, wrapping him in their caress. However instead of panicking or trying to fight his way through, he'd sunk deeper into them. Their warmth had seeped through every part of his body, whispering promises of breaking through the icy barrier that surrounded him and wrapping him in warmth. He hadn't wanted what they had to offer. He needed the cold ice that surrounded him. The cold barrier gave him the distance and control he needed.

Still, he could feel the warmth. He frowned. How could he still feel it if he was awake? His eyes snapped open and he realized he was leaning against Hakkai. He shot up in surprise, glaring at the healer. He felt heat creep up his skin, but he forced it down. Instead, he studied the healer's face, searching for any hint that he was awake. Seeing none, he relaxed.

What was wrong with him? He fished out a cigarette and lit up. Taking a long drag, he turned over his dream in his mind. Had the kiss in the cave really thrown him off this much? It took a real effort for him not to grab his fan and start beating Hakkai with it in retaliation. He was sorely tempted, but there was really no point in doing it and letting on that he was still thinking about that kiss. As a matter of fact, he wasn't thinking about it. Screw that dream. It was over and it meant nothing.

He lifted his hand to take another drag on his cigarette. He looked at his gloved hand. In his dream, the vines had grown from his wrist and had slowly climbed over his body. He exhaled a long cloud of smoke and looked at his hand again. He waited until he'd finished his cigarette before sliding the top half of his robe off. Lifting his left arm, he started peeling away his glove.

The black gloves slid away, revealing pale skin and sinewy muscle, but not a single vine. He growled in irritation. It was stupid. It had just been a dream. He yanked the rest of his glove off, and his eyes widened. Immediately he turned and grabbed Hakkai by the shirt, shaking him.

"Wake up, you fucking bastard."

Hakkai's eyes snapped opened in alarm. His green eyes immediately focused on Sanzo's angry face. His brow creased in confusion. "Sanzo? What's wrong?"

"What the hell did you do to me?"

"Sanzo, I don't understand what you're talking about," Hakkai said, his voice calm and soothing as if he were trying to calm a wild animal. It just pissed Sanzo off even more.

"I mean this." Sanzo raised his arm. Around his wrist was wrapped a single loop of green vines.

Sanzo watched Hakkai's face closely, so he saw the genuine surprise that crossed his features. So it hadn't been on purpose. But even if it had been just some fucked up accident, he couldn't ignore the way Hakkai's expression shifted into a smug smile that seemed liked it would belong more on Gojyo's face than the healer's.

"Ah, you know..."

The fucker was pleased. What the hell? He was going to kill him.

(Onward to Chapter 6... )

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