Jan. 7th, 2012

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 I'm considering making a 3/8/3 community on Dreamwidth. I sent a note to one of the 3/8 communities on LJ that is the most active to se if they were coming over, but so far no response. So a 3/8 community might be born soon. If anyone wants to be a mod or know someone who might be interested let me know. 

Going on with that idea, I was also thinking of setting up an account that was a saiyuki archive on DW. What I was thinking is after what happened with MW, it might be a good idea to have an Archive on DW or LJ. I'm not sure if there is one or not, but it might be something to do and less likely to go away due to monies. Also, it would be a way to let old fics still get plenty of comments. 

Does anyone have thoughts on this? Has it already been done? My archive idea would be a database for completed fanfics which once added wouldn't be deleted. I always found it frustrating to find a link to what everyone says is an awesome fanfic only to see the journal has been deleted. So thoughts, comments, volunteers to help mod and maintain?


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