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Title: A Sweet Courtship Chp. 3
Author: nyghtrain
Pairing: Sanzo/Hakkai
Fandom: Saiyuki
Theme: #3. Jolt!
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Saiyuki and its characters do not belong to me, but are owned by Kazuya Minekua and her publishers. I'm just playing in their world.
Notes: Sorry that this chapter took a bit longer to come out. Real life got a bit busy, plus it's huge. I also have a beta now. Yay! My beta is the wonderful seshats_prodigy . <3 Still, I was the last one to touch it, so all mistakes are mine.

This was written for [info]30_kisses. 

Hakkai walked into Sanzo's room, a case of beer held tightly in his hand. "Are you sure you won't come with us?"

Sanzo grunted and turned the page in his newspaper in response. Hakkai smiled to himself. Though it had surprised him a little that Sanzo had refused to join them, he knew the temptation to just sit back and relax without the other members of their little group was hard to resist. Sanzo had been on edge lately. Hakkai didn't know whether it was the delay or the festival that was bothering him. Of course, it was possible that it was his own behavior. Even though Sanzo hadn't said anything to him, he was aware that it probably hadn't gone unnoticed. Hakkai sat the beer on the table. In one hand was another kiss. Perhaps it was silly to give Sanzo these pieces of chocolate, but he couldn't help himself. It was just one act, a short release for the emotions that were building inside. Tomorrow morning they would be leaving and Hakkai promised himself he would try to leave these feelings he had behind him. He placed the chocolate kiss on top of the beer.

"There's a beer garden if you change your mind," Hakkai said and turned.

Sanzo held out the gold card, his face still intent on his newspaper. Hakkai took the gold card. For a moment he hesitated. An overwhelming feeling overcame him and suddenly he didn't want to go. He wanted to stay and just read a book and feel the strange calming presence of the monk.

"Tell the cockroach and the monkey that we're leaving bright and early tomorrow. No excuses."

"Of course. Enjoy your paper, Sanzo." He walked away, shutting the door behind him. Outside the hall, he waited until he heard the pop of the beer tab being opened. No rustle of foil followed. Hakkai sighed and went downstairs.

"Oh, what's this for, monkey?"

"Let go of me you stupid pervert."

"Hey, you're the one putting the moves on me."

Hakkai blinked at the sound of the conversation. When he reached the lobby, Gojyo had Goku in a headlock and was ruffling his hair while Goku tried to struggle out of the pin with a slight blush on his cheek.

"Oh my, I see the love part of the festival has already started," Hakkai said as he walked over.

Gojyo blinked and immediately shoved Goku away. "Maybe for the monkey."

"Oh?" Hakkai asked, arching an eyebrow.

"It's not like that!" Goku yelled, his cheeks heated. "I just, you know, thought it would be nice to get some chocolate. And that guy said that chocolate is a good way to show a person how much you like them."

"Sorry, monkey, but I only go for the chicks," Gojyo said, laughing.

Goku glared at him and then with determination, walked to Hakkai and held out his hand. "Here."

In his hand was a chocolate kiss. Hakkai's eyes widened in surprise and for a minute he could only stare. He must have been staring for a while, because Goku's anxious voice came to him.

"It's not like what the pervert said. I mean, it's the festival for good memories and, well, we've all been through a lot together. So I thought..."

Hakkai plucked the chocolate kiss from Goku's hand. He looked at the youngest member of their group and gave him a smile filled with warmth. "Thank you Goku."

Goku's shoulders sagged with relief and a smile split his face. "See. Hakkai understands. He's not gross like you."

"Hey! I get it," Gojyo said, punching Goku in the arm.

Goku punched him back and a few minutes later they were both gritting their teeth and punching each other back and forth. Hakkai watched them for a bit then unwrapped the chocolate and took a bite. It was just as good as the first time he had tried it. He smiled. Yes, it was probably best if he left his feelings for Sanzo behind. Especially after the way he had been treating Goku. He knew what it was, even if he had tried to deny it. He was a possessive man, even over someone who wasn't his. His feelings would surely be rejected if Sanzo knew about them. Plus, Goku didn't deserve the harsh treatment Hakkai had been handing out. He slipped the last bite of chocolate into his mouth. It was bitter and sweet, like a memory. He stepped past the arguing pair and out of the inn.

"Hey Hakkai! Don't leave us," Goku whined behind him.

Gojyo followed and nudged him in the side. "In a rush to see your girl?"

Hakkai sighed. "She is not 'my girl.' Just a nice woman I met."

"Sure," Gojyo said with a wink.

Hakkai ignored him and began walking down the street. The streets were clogged with girls dressed in everything from kimonos to more western-style dresses. A few men wore yukatas, but most just wore regular clothes as they milled together. All around them were stalls and small tables. Goku shot forth, rushing to food stalls, asking Hakkai to buy him this and that. Surprisingly, Gojyo didn't wander off. He teased Goku and stole his food when he wasn't looking. Hakkai smiled, enjoying the atmosphere. Everyone was welcoming and there was growing anticipation in the air.

The decorations around the festival were a combination of red and gold, with dashes of green. Phoenixes were painted on everything. In a way it looked more like the decorations for a wedding than a festival. Hakkai frowned a little.

"Hey, what's that?" Goku said and shot ahead of them into a thick crowd.

"The chimp's gone wild without its master," Gojyo said.

Hakkai glanced at Gojyo. "I'm actually surprised you haven't wandered off."

"Don't worry about me. I plan to have my fun. Right now, I'm just taking in the selection," Gojyo said.
"Is that so?" Hakkai said.

"Yeah, so if you want to take off with that girl of yours, feel free. I'll take care of the monkey. After all, sometimes even the nursemaid needs a break."

Hakkai blinked and turned to Gojyo, but Gojyo kept his attention fixed ahead. It dawned on Hakkai that Gojyo had stayed with him because he was worried. He smiled and looked ahead.

"I suppose we should find out what caught Goku's attention."

"Probably more food to fill that bottomless pit he calls a stomach," Gojyo said.

Hakkai had to agree with him. They walked in the direction Goku had darted. Hakkai noticed that most of the people from the festival were in this area. In front of them was a small stage with two wooden thrones and a large gong, but no one was on the stage. Instead everyone was clustered around a long table covered with red lanterns. A few seconds later, they spotted Goku examining one of the lanterns. Hakkai hurried over.

"Hey Hakkai. Can we do this?"

"What is it?" Hakkai asked.

Gojyo swatted Goku and leaned on Hakkai's shoulder. "Yeah, I was sure you would be more interested in food than some paper lanterns."

"See what you know, cockroach. These are sky lanterns."

"Oh," Hakkai said, leaning closer.

The man behind the table smiled at Hakkai. "I'm guessing you guys are new here." He pointed at the lanterns. "You pick a lantern for a loved one you want to remember. When the festival goddess chooses her mate, the gong will sound and then all the sky lanterns will be released to carry your message to your loved one."

"So that's what those chairs are for," Gojyo said.

Hakkai chuckled. "Ah, Gojyo. Are you nervous you might get picked?"

Goku peered at Hakkai. "Does that mean Gojyo has to stay here if he gets picked?"

"Hmm, I wonder," Hakkai said.

"Like that would happen!" Gojyo yelled.

Hakkai placed his hand on Gojyo's arm. "Good luck."


Hakkai chuckled, but then noticed that Goku was strangely quiet. He placed a hand on his shoulder. "Are you okay, Goku?"

Goku looked up at him. "Do you think it really works?"

Hakkai smiled. "Shall we try it out?"

Goku grinned. "Yeah."

They each bought a lantern and put their names on it. Goku even bought one for Sanzo. Strangely enough, they didn't put the name of a loved one on it. The merchant explained that the heart decides not the mind and only the name of the sender was needed so the loved one would know who the message was from. It was all very strange, but Hakkai thought it had a beautiful symbolism to it. Just as they were finishing up, Hakkai caught sight of a sparkler. Several kids were running around with them in their hands. Hakkai looked around and then spotted the stall. Min was standing there dressed in a white and green kimono, her blonde hair flowing down her back, instead of tied up like tradition. It made her stand out, like a beam of sunlight in the darkness.

"Looks like you finally found her," Gojyo said from behind him. "Going to say hi?"

"Ha, ha, ha. She looks like she's busy. I wouldn't want to disturb her." Just as Hakkai finished his sentence, Min looked up. For an instant their eyes met and then she waved.

"Spotted," Gojyo said with a chuckle.

Hakkai gave him a warning look and then walked over. It wasn't lost on him that Gojyo had followed him. He was starting to rethink the idea that Gojyo was worried about him and mostly was fascinated with the idea that Hakkai might actually be interested in a girl. If only he knew the truth.

When he reached the stall, Hakkai was again struck by the familiarity of her face. She looked so much like Kanan. It hurt to look at her, but he couldn't quite manage to turn away. She smiled at him.

"You made it," she said brightly. "I was worried you didn't get my message."

Gojyo leaned forward with a leer. "Don't you worry. I always deliver, especially when a beautiful woman is involved."

Min blushed.

Hakkai elbowed Gojyo in the gut. "Ha, ha."

"Hey Hakkai. These look pretty cool," Goku said, staring as an older man at the stall handed a kid a sparkler.

"Would you like to try one?" Min asked and plucked up an unlit sparkler and handed it to Goku.

Goku peered at Min closely. They all watched as Min lit the sparkler and it came to life in a flicker of colored sparks. Goku immediately began twirling it, watching the lights cut a path in the air.

"Like I said, children and chicks," Gojyo said.

Min handed a lit sparkler to Gojyo. "Thank you for delivering the letter for me. It must have seemed strange."

Gojyo took the lit sparkler, a little off guard, but quickly recovered. "Anything for a beautiful lady."

Hakkai tilted his head and tapped his jaw. "So does that make you a child or a woman, Gojyo?"

Gojyo sputtered as he tried to come back with a response.

Hakkai chuckled and turned to Min. "How much are they?"

"There's no need to pay. Take it as a thank you," Min said.

"A thank you?" Hakkai asked. "Shouldn't I be the one saying that? You're the one who helped carry my bag."

She smiled. "Not for that. I accidentally left a box of sparklers at the shop. I was hoping you might accompany me to get it. "

Hakkai hesitated. He didn't want to give Min the wrong idea. Despite what Gojyo might say, Hakkai was not interested in one-night stands. Hakkai searched for a polite way to decline when Gojyo slapped a hand on his back, and shoved him forward. "Sure he will. I'll take care of the monkey. You two have fun."

"Gojyo, I don't think-"

"Bye, 'Kai. Have fun!" Gojyo said and hurried away with Goku.

Hakkai promised to get Gojyo back for that.

"Ready?" Min asked, smiling up at him.

Again Hakkai was struck by just how familiar that smile was. Before he knew it, he was nodding. "Yes."

Min walked beside him, pointing out different things as they passed. As they went, Hakkai began to learn more and more about the festival. "It is said that the festival goddess comes down disguised as a human and chooses a mate among the festival attendees. After she picks her mate, she blesses the festival."

"What type of blessing?" Hakkai asked, noticing that the crowd was growing thinner as they moved closer to the closed shops.

"A blessing of the heart," Min said.

"Ah, you mean the lanterns," Hakkai said with a smile.

Min gave him a secretive smile. "Perhaps." She then stepped in front of the shop door and unlocked it. They stepped inside. It was dark, but Hakkai's eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness.

"Min, should we put on the lights?"

"I never can find the switch. Don't worry. It'll only take me a second," she said.

Hakkai stepped further into the dark shop, feeling like a thief instead of someone invited. He looked at the shelves filled with different knick-knacks; it was one of those shops that had a mixture of knick-knacks that no one really needed. It was a perfectly normal shop, but somehow Hakkai felt off. Something was wrong. He stepped further into the shop.


Silence followed and then warm arms wrapped around him. "Hakkai," she breathed out.

Hakkai stiffened and then promised he would make sure to get Gojyo back for this. "Min, I'm sorry. I think you've gotten the wrong idea."

She buried her face into his back and laughed. "Did I?"

He started to turn to explain, but she pressed closer and her arms tightened. "A perfect gentleman. I never expected to come across such a polite youkai."

Hakkai didn't answer. Was she a youkai? That meant she must be wearing limiters. Was she an assassin or just a human that recognized what he was? Hakkai readied himself to move, building the chi in his hands.

"Uh un, none of that."

The arms around him squeezed. He heard the clink of Min's bangles and then a sharp clatter as they fell to the ground. Hakkai twisted in her arms, pushing his chi forward just as something stabbed him in the sides. His entire body went rigid and then he was falling. He slammed into the ground.

"That was close. You really do surpass expectations, Hakkai."

He tried to move, but he was paralyzed. Hands were on him, turning him over and he looked into Min's face. She still looked like Kanan. She still had the flowing golden hair, but now where her arms should have been were two green spiked forelegs. She reached down and brushed one against his forehead.

"I couldn't ask for a better mate. You are truly magnificent." She brushed the spiked forelegs across his limiters. "I want to see you in your true form, but not here. We don't want to cause an alarm."

She grasped him and then tossed him over her shoulder. "Soon."

She began walking. His body hung loosely as she carried him out of the deserted shop and towards the swamplands. As they moved all he could make out was her back, clad in the white and green kimono. The green leaves stared back and he realized that they weren't all leaves, but instead held thin stick-like bodies. It all came together then. The festival, the goddess in search of a mate, all of it was simply a hunt and it looked like he had been picked.

The sound of a gong filled the air as the praying mantis slipped into the swamp.


Something was bothering Gojyo, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He stubbed out his cigarette and lit another one. He glanced over at Goku who was eating his third (or was it his fourth?) cone of cotton candy. He looked back at the crowd, trying to catch sight of neat brown hair and a white sash. Nothing. Why was he looking for Hakkai? He was probably having fun with that blonde chick. Gojyo ran a hand through his hair. Maybe it was time to ditch the monkey and find his own special kind of entertainment.

"Hey Gojyo," Goku said, looking up from his half-eaten cotton candy.

Something must really be on the monkey's mind to get him to stop chewing. Gojyo took a drag from his cigarette. "Yeah, what is it?"

"That girl that Hakkai went off with. Did she seem strange to you?" Goku asked.

"It was weird she picked Kai when she could have me, but I don't mind sharing once in a while," Gojyo said.

Goku rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right. No one would pick you instead of Hakkai. He's nice, better-looking, and he doesn't smell bad."

Gojyo gritted his teeth and then grabbed Goku. He put him in a headlock and gave him a noogie. "Want to say that again, chimp?"

"Don't call me that!" Goku shouted and tried to get loose, but Gojyo had the best pins around.

He grinned and watched the monkey struggle. "So what was weird about her?"

Goku grimaced. "I don't know. She sort of looked like Hakkai."

"Looked like Hakkai?" Gojyo asked, loosening his headlock.

Goku wrenched free and rubbed his head. "Yeah."

Gojyo felt this dread build in his stomach. "You remember where that sparkler stand was?"

Goku nodded. Then they were both hurrying towards it. When they got there, there was no sign of Hakkai or the girl. Gojyo went to the other stall worker. "Hey, where's the chick that was working here with you?"

Before the man could answer a jolt surged through Gojyo's body. Power he had never felt before rushed through him. Beside him Goku stiffened.

"You feel that?" Gojyo asked.


The sound of a gong filled the air and then the crowds around them began to murmur in excitement. Gojyo looked up. Hundreds of red sky lanterns began to float into the air. He felt the power shift and he turned back to the crowd and gaped. People suddenly appeared everywhere. They looked like ghosts at first, but gradually became solid.

"What the hell?" Gojyo turned to Goku, but he wasn't there. He looked around and he was no longer standing at the festival. He stood in a large field covered with red flowers.

He saw a flash of white from the corner of his eye and turned. He could only gape at what he saw. He blinked, trying to decide whether it was real. Gojyo stared at himself picking red flowers for a mother who didn't want them -- didn't want him. 

"This day, huh." He wanted to tell the kid to just forget, to just let it be, but his throat was clogged. All he could do was watch. He watched himself pick each flower with care, making sure none had broken leaves or torn petals. Each one needed to be perfect to make up for his existence. He didn't know then that nothing could fix bad luck. You just had to ride it out until the end.

The scene shifted and he was back in that house. Small hands held out red flowers, hope shining in his eyes when he should have long been past hoping. He was a stupid kid. The slap, the claws. The marks burned against his cheek even though they had long stopped being tender. He knew what came next. He knew, but part of him still hoped that this fucked up memory he was stuck in would change. Yeah, maybe, he was still stupid, still hoping for the impossible.

"I don't want to see this shit," he said, gritting his teeth. Didn't he already see it enough in dreams, in flashes of crying women? He closed his eyes willing it away.

"You don't have to look." Warm hands slid over his cheek and he opened his eyes in surprise.

It wasn't his mother looking at him. Instead he stared into red eyes and wavy red hair. His eyes widened and then softened. He shook his head. "You're sure one to talk."

She smirked and looked away. At that moment Gojyo noticed they were back in the field of red flowers. She leaned back. "I guess hanyous really are bad luck."

Gojyo rested his arms on his knees and hung his head down. His entire body shuddered and he tried to hold all the emotions back. He didn't know whether he wanted to laugh or cry and was too afraid to find out which one would come bursting forth. "You don't have to tell me that."

For a moment, they didn't say anything. He just sat there, trying to pull it all back inside, but feeling like he was too full. So what happened when there were no more places to hide?

"So what are you going to do about you bad luck?" she asked.

Even as a dead chick she had a sexy voice. He laughed and looked at her. She wasn't looking at him, but was staring at the field of red flowers. Gojyo turned and looked at those red flowers.

She sighed and then fell back. "I've always been sort of partial to red."

He stared at her then shook his head. "Looks like death has made you mellow," Gojyo said and pulled out a fresh cigarette and lit it. His hand only shook a little.

"You didn't answer my question," she said, stretching like a playful kitten.

Gojyo stared at her for a while then looked back at the field of red flowers. The answer was there, dancing in his mind. All he had to do was say it and this shitty dream would be over. She would be gone.

He took a long drag on his cigarette and then let the smoke slide out. "Can't you let a guy enjoy his smoke?"

She snorted and then started to laugh. Gojyo sat there and savored his cigarette while looking at a field of red flowers and listening to a stupid woman laugh.


"Gojyo! Gojyo!" Goku looked around, but there was nobody. He had seen the sky lanterns floating in the air and when he had looked back everyone had vanished. What was worst was that he couldn't sense anyone either. The only thing keeping the panic at bay was the voice in his head. It was harsh and could burn, but it was warm too. The sun. Sanzo. As long as that voice was there he knew everything would be fine.

He started wandering around the empty town, trying to figure out what was going on. He wasn't really good at stuff like that. Usually that was more Hakkai's thing. He always could figure things out and then Goku could bash right through.

"Hakkai! Hakkai!"

There was no answer. Then he saw someone running and felt a burst of youkai power. Goku held out his hand, calling his nyoi-bo. Finally, some action! He rushed down the street, turning down corners after the youkai presence. He knew he was getting closer. It was always a step ahead, but he knew he was fast. He'd catch it. The youkai was just around the corner. He turned and he saw her. She sat in the street, crouched down. Goku rushed forward. He raised his staff. Pigtails. He froze.

He couldn't move. He could only stare at those familiar pigtails and something inside him wrenched apart. His held tight to his staff, as if he held on tight enough he could keep it together. Every muscle was ready to swing down, but he couldn't.

The girl turned. Goku stared. It was impossible. His heart was beating so hard, that it drowned out every sound, every thought, except for her. How? Had she somehow survived? There was no way. Could there be?

"Hey, look at this," she said and raised her hands. In her hands she cupped a small bird. "I think its wing was injured."

Goku's grip loosened and his staff tumbled from his fingers. It clattered against the ground. He reached out and wrapped his arms around her arm. Flesh under his hand. Solid. He pulled and kept pulling until she was pressed against him. Solid. Real. Then he was hugging her, hugging her so tight that he knew it must hurt, but he couldn't let go. He didn't want her to slip away. He didn't want to know that there were some things he couldn't protect no matter how hard he tried.

"Stupid! You're going to crush the bird!"

He grinned and it had never felt so good to hear someone call him stupid. He wanted her to say it again, because when she spoke all the memories came rushing back, bright and colorful, and it was at that moment he realized he had started to forget her voice. He didn't want to forget.

He pressed his head into her shoulder and he could smell her scent and sense her presence. "You're real. You're real."

She relaxed in his hold. "Yeah."

"You're real," he said and he knew he was repeating himself, but he couldn't stop saying it like it was some sort of mantra. He felt tears spill down his cheek. They wouldn't stop flowing. And he knew it was stupid to cry, but he couldn't help it. "You're real."


Sanzo turned his paper and firmly ignored the chocolate sitting next to his empty beer can. He turned the page and tried not to think about why the hell Hakkai kept giving him chocolate. Sweeten his disposition like hell. He read another column, something about the price of eggs being affected by this or that. He frowned and put his paper down and eyed the chocolate. It was annoying and he had half a mind to shoot Hakkai when he got back. Somehow, he was sure the healer had done that on purpose. He grabbed a beer and took a drink. Suddenly there was a clatter in the hall. Sanzo had his gun in his hand and waited. More clatter and then something thumped against his door. He waited, his gun raised, but the thumping continued.

With a growl he stood up and went to the door, snatching it open and was suddenly assualted by white wings slapping against his face. Sanzo swatted at Hakuryuu with his gun. He was an inch away from pulling the trigger to get the damn flying rat off him, but an image of Hakkai's smiling face and cold eyes stopped him. Not that he cared what Hakkai thought, but it really wasn't worth the trouble.

Hakuryuu finally flew away, cheeping at Sanzo with reproach.

"What do you want? If you need something, go find your Master. I'm busy."

Hakuryuu 'ku'ed and then grabbed the end of Sanzo's sleeve and started pulling it urgently.

"What?" Sanzo yelled, growing more and more irritated. "If you don't let go-"

A jolt of pure power shot through Sanzo's body. It was strong, almost on the same scale as Hakkai's, maybe even more so and it was definitely youkai. Sanzo raised his gun and stepped out into the hall. The inn was eerily quiet. It had been like this since the festival had started, since the inn was a little further down from the main event. It was a perfect opportunity for youkai assassins to attack. He wondered if those other three idiots were being attacked. Che, they could take care of themselves.

Sanzo crept down the stairs and into the lobby. There was a clatter. Sanzo raised his gun, pointing it at the kitchen door. The door opened and the innkeeper came out. She gasped and raised her hand to her chest. "Please, don't shoot!"

Sanzo lowered his gun, frowning. The innkeeper relaxed a little, but kept looking nervously at the gun.

"Mama? What's wrong?" A little girl stepped forward, peeking past the innkeeper's skirt.

"It's okay, Ping. Just go back into the kitchen."

Sanzo narrowed his eyes. He glanced at the picture and then back at the girl disappearing into the kitchen. He lifted his gun. "Explain."

"It's part of the festival. When the goddess finds a mate she blesses us with a night with our loved ones."

"You mean she brings back the dead."

She nodded, staring at the gun. "We don't mean any harm."

"So that's what the festival is really about. A whole town filled with idiots that refuse to let go of the past," Sanzo said, disgusted

"She's my daughter," the woman said.

"She's dead. Tell me, what's the price this 'goddess' is asking to bring the dead back?"

The innkeeper looked down, her lips tightening.

"Che." Scowling, Sanzo lowered his gun again. Then he felt a presence behind him. Swiftly, he turned. He heard the clatter of the inn door. "Get in the kitchen and stay there," he barked out and then pushed out of the inn door.

Outside, the street was empty except for one person. His back was to Sanzo and he wore the long flowing robes of a Sanzo priest. A light brown braid slid down his back. For a moment Sanzo hesitated and then gritted his teeth.

"This town is really starting to piss me off," he said.

The man chuckled. It sent a shiver of ice down Sanzo's back. It was so familiar, a laugh he heard in his dreams. He waited for the man to turn, but he didn't. Instead his attention was focused on something in front of him.

"So want to tell me who the hell you are? And don't give me any of that bullshit about being my master." Sanzo aimed his gun, ready to shoot.

"Me, I'm just a memory," the man said. "Isn't there someone more important you should be worried about?"

Even the voice... no not just the voice, but the way he spoke. For a minute, all he wanted was the man to turn, to face him. He wanted to see that face again, even if it ended with him shooting the doppelganger, but the man refused to turn. His hand tightened on his gun. Is that how it was always going to be? Was his last image of him always going to be that wide back? To hell with it.

"Your voice gets on my nerves," Sanzo said and pulled the trigger.

The bullet ripped through the air and for a minute Sanzo held his breath. The man vanished and nothing was left but air. No, not just air.

In the sky was an orange paper airplane. Before Sanzo knew what he was doing he'd lifted his feet and was running. Running. Wasn't that what he was always doing? Running forward, trying to reach his Master's back. He still felt like that boy they had fished out of the river, still trying to catch that last orange paper airplane. No matter the mark on his forehead, no matter how much he drank and smoked, or how much blood stained his hands, he was still the boy they had fished out of the river.

Tch! What a useless thought.

He was past all that bullshit. Whoever he was -- river rat, Sanzo, or something else -- none of that mattered. All that mattered was the gun in his hand and the next enemy. As soon as he found the person responsible for all this crap he would make sure to put a bullet right between their eyes.

The orange airplane dove down and impaled itself into the dirt. Sanzo rushed toward it. He finally caught up, but when he looked down the plane was gone. Instead three silver ear cuffs lay in the dirt on the border between the town and the swamp. Sanzo crouched down and scooped up the limiters.

"That idiot." His brow creased and he looked into the woods. Either Hakkai took them off or someone had taken them off for him. In either case, the situation wasn't good. Behind him he heard the beat of wings. He turned to see Hakuryuu. "Go find those other two morons."

The dragon let out a reluctant ku before flying back to the town. Sanzo turned back to the swamp and then stepped inside.
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